Mobellia know-how is based first and foremost on the choice of its creators and manufacturers , whom we select as much for the quality of their production as for their creativity.

We have our own team of designers , based in Aix-en Provence, where it draws its inspiration. this allows us to further develop our creativity and our exclusivity, always collectively to bring out the best in all our ideas.

Our purchasing team, in collaboration with our team of designers, constantly analyze consumer needs, new trends, new materials and the current market to design the garden furniture of tomorrow.

We are always looking to adapt to the new requirements, needs and desires of our customers.


The design is carried out in a close partnership relationship, in order to produce products studied down to the smallest detail, and with a patiently, artisanally crafted style (quality of fabrics, design of the cushioning, armrests, legs, etc.) .

We work as a real team to choose the colors, shapes and materials of our products. Every detail counts, right down to the feel of the textile to ensure maximum comfort for the consumer.

Each part produced in our
factories is systematically and carefully checked before being put on sale. This involves checking zippers for example, or the resistance of products in relation to the weight supported, design defects (painting, welding, screws, seams, etc.)

Then, we also pay particular attention to the packaging of our products . Indeed, it is essential that all packages are perfectly protected to arrive in the best conditions at the end customer.

Furthermore, we try each garden furniture, chair and armchair before selecting and validating a new product in order to check its comfort. Indeed, for us, even before design, it is comfort that takes precedence because that is the essential thing for
that our customers can fully enjoy their epicurean moments on their terrace.

Finally, we take into account feedback from our customers to always improve our products and our collections are therefore subject to improvement if necessary.


The collaborative work carried out by Mobellia and its partners is not only based on style, but also on the choice of unique, high-quality materials and exceptional skills, which are sometimes impossible to obtain anywhere other than the of the world. This is particularly the case for our acacia wood which is produced in Vietnam and our ceramics which are manufactured in Spain.

This very high requirement of the Mobellia specifications is the assurance, for its customers, of having quality outdoor furniture designed down to the smallest detail to ensure comfort and aesthetics.


Mobellia was born from the more than 25 years of experience of its teams in the field of garden furniture.

Over the years, we have developed precise knowledge of the materials most suitable for outdoor use.

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