The Mobellia brand

Our identity

Provence... this land celebrated by painters and writers, which we love for its summer sun as well as its winter sun, its persistent vegetation, its perfumes synonymous with happy evenings... It's there, in Aix- in Provence, that our group of garden furniture professionals decided in 2018 to design their own brand of high-end furniture .

The Mobellia teams pool their inventiveness, their artisanal expertise, their assertive taste for a resolutely contemporary aesthetic. They also know how to aim for the best value for money . Because a beautiful object is first and foremost an object that lasts. Mobellia is not just a brand: it is a state of mind.

For us, creativity must be complemented by sustainability and quality . Our products obviously meet the most rigorous standards and are specifically designed for outdoor living.


The human relationship

What is a customer? If we stick to the definition, it is an individual who acquires a product. For Mobellia, it is much more. This is the difference between an authentic creator and a “distributor” who markets different ranges of products.

We are committed to creating a real close relationship with our customers, especially since we currently only sell through our website.

The Mobellia teams always respond to you with a smile and as soon as possible.


Mobellia is one with its creations. This is why our brand strives to forge a lasting bond with its customers, whether individuals or professionals, by supporting them throughout the life of the product.

If Mobellia has chosen a high-end positioning, it also takes care not to exclude any form of housing for its outdoor furniture . We of course think of gardens, small or large, but also of terraces, around swimming pools, verandas or balconies.


The spirit of the South

As we have said, at the origin of the Mobellia style is a state of mind. A state of mind obviously linked to Provence where our team creates in the sweetness of life. This creates garden furniture with an exclusive design and a resolutely contemporary look, always dedicated to relaxation and the conviviality of moments with family or friends. With, always, this scent of eternity.

There is the creative state of mind, then there are the collections, the products that bring it to life. It is Mobellia's strength to offer outdoor furniture that is unique in its design and manufacturing quality. The choice of materials, textiles, colors, curves and shapes of our products - these are the essential elements of the “Mobellia style”.

The comfort of our garden furniture is obviously an essential concern. Particular attention is paid to the ratio of proportions between the seat and the back, to the softness of the cushions, but also to all these details which are the sign of a product that has been carefully considered and
studied. Nothing is left to chance. From the table to the parasol, everything is designed with the same concern for aesthetics, robustness, ease of maintenance and durability.

Quick delivery

In 4 to 5 working days from your order, at home, in France and 8 to 10 working days in other countries.

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France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands.

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Based in Aix en Provence

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Payment by credit card, transfer,
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